Bear Family (#107)

The hands that feed, bitten ultimately
Proactively with rhythms of night air bounce
Cool polka dots, ginger and free
Coldness unwinning in the present

You’ll find the treasure, i know it
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Dollop of Hate –Wishbone Material (#106)

I don’t have a dollop of hate
for ya

My try trysting triumvirate is dilapidated
That must be how I carve existence
By believing in my close ones
More than the last check in< I desolve

The entitlement of ourselves is customized with
An unscented objection
Posh pish; Evergreen
Tire swing bold aunts
The expensive secondary collection rests upon your porous paper plate
For new knowledge is to resolve

For centering is to waver and grow
For water from oil
For vapors from dusk

Distrust will wax /or/ pave
It’s throatless most zones
Off-chute her barely recalling
Trailer mustification

Ten angry liars gain
While the cool noise gains and
Less than nothing

Sticker Blues (#105)

Scrape, scrape
Aloud we scrape
Agonizing fortune’s horizon
Dry-rubbed gold ends are colliding now, time
I collect forty-six macabre taunts from a half-scraped sticker
Oof, what an existence

Unshowered (#101)

I’m unshowered in the expectation of 90’s apparel
A transparent baggy
Wanderer of coat racks, daydream the cool rebuttal
Rehearse springy scenes with crushes
Lament rewrites with best friends
Adolescent royalty you become
In the high stakes nightlife of a shopping mall