Conquering (#85)

Life direction?
Career path?
Noble Pursuit?
Useful passage of time?

None of the above?


Inconvenience brings result (#84)

I dare to try, you dare to try
From hatred, better listening
Soul tuning
A bomb cyclone of effort
Another C on our S

Chiseled Tension (#83)

Crushingly wrong in every way
A maze unwinds however I want
Dreamy summer verbs for dust-bowl denim
Give it a second
And another
You’re pausing from chiseled tension
Sinking your teeth into presence

Terrifying does not mean unworthy
Panic level can be reduced
Unlock the next chapter to your story

I can do this here (#81)

oh wow
i can do this here
the thing
i struggle with elsewhere
but not here
same cargo
different transports
explore every single article
i will not be denied
i am regaining my groove
the twists & the turns excite me
they are un-secondary
carve up a new sound; call your crew
our avalanche begins on my anxious signal

Children Are Blunt (#80)

In ninth grade, I walked to Carlos’s house.
While climbing the sidewalk’s gentle incline,
I noticed a small child pedaling his tricycle.
My mind prepared a rabbit hole of innocence.
Perhaps it would recall my own scampish youth.
But suddenly, my nostaligia was interrupted.
When this little boy… gave me the fucking finger!

Deliciously Vague (#79)

Running, pinching with thumbtacks
The worn seams of Orion’s belt
Bottled with past hoards
Electric with future air
Recite blank pages to a sold out house
Use hunger to appreciate your first bite
An expensive filet brushes a canker sore
My weekly kaleidoscope is deliciously vague