Tired & Over It (Poem Year #28)

Tired & Over It
Plum Tired & Bacon Bits
Eye anchors ever heavying
The exhausting weight of possible futures

Slowly racing
Crawl pace, crawl pace, slow pace

Didn’t always need to onion
Didn’t know it would count
You’re the violet storm with clever clouds
I’m the loss of self

Milestone Lace (Poem Year #25)

Sleeves offer familiar riffs
Eroding arms of gravy
We riot and tailgate the premise
Building failure’s ferocity

Space uninfinite
Color slips palette
I could fall in love with alarm clock memories

Known or not, so offer thus
Confetti ammunition in a parachute playlist
Generations untether rapidly

Landmines (Poem Year #24)

Discarded matches on a silver curb
Night lifts me up as another cab swerves
A city full of actors comes alive

The label on my bottle is a fallacy
Every picture on her phone was erased last week
Place your bets on how tonight will end

The lights we’re standing on are fading, baby
This time we’ll turn around and run, through landmines

Stories take flight while fingers stretch
My vision of the moment hasn’t settled yet
Strangers roll their eyes to pass the time

I’m stuck with notions of bravery
from an imaginary war that my ego needs
It’s all worth it if she feels the slightest doubt

Through landmines
The streets lay out a reckless plan
Through landmines
I’m on my way

Flippity McFlipFlop (Poem Year #23)

This will kill me
But it won’t
AHH but it will!
Nah, I got this
I most certainly do not
Death is a joke
Death is imminent
I’m confident
I’m scared
I’m a rock star
I’m desolate
Backflip champion
Common task fumbler
Star destroyer
Night light needer
God complex
Mousey boy
The ego of a driven person
The self-esteem of a bad joke