Chiseled Tension (#83)

Crushingly wrong in every way
A maze unwinds however I want
Dreamy summer verbs for dust-bowl denim
Give it a second
And another
You’re pausing from chiseled tension
Sinking your teeth into presence

Terrifying does not mean unworthy
Panic level can be reduced
Unlock the next chapter to your story


Pathetic Hatred (#82)

Your hatred is pathetic
You stand for nothing
You are empty children lashing out

Your banners are pathetic
It depresses me how little you accomplish
I pity you

I can do this here (#81)

oh wow
i can do this here
the thing
i struggle with elsewhere
but not here
same cargo
different transports
explore every single article
i will not be denied
i am regaining my groove
the twists & the turns excite me
they are un-secondary
carve up a new sound; call your crew
our avalanche begins on my anxious signal

Children Are Blunt (#80)

In ninth grade, I walked to Carlos’s house.
While climbing the sidewalk’s gentle incline,
I noticed a small child pedaling his tricycle.
My mind prepared a rabbit hole of innocence.
Perhaps it would recall my own scampish youth.
But suddenly, my nostaligia was interrupted.
When this little boy… gave me the fucking finger!

Deliciously Vague (#79)

Running, pinching with thumbtacks
The worn seams of Orion’s belt
Bottled with past hoards
Electric with future air
Recite blank pages to a sold out house
Use hunger to appreciate your first bite
An expensive filet brushes a canker sore
My weekly kaleidoscope is deliciously vague

Failure (#78)

I failed
I failed again
Years collecting tools
Still tornado like a novice
Still hold back

Failure defeated me
I respond
Not by rationalization
Nor deflection
I sit in dense mud

I face failure
We converse
Exhausted, I ask
“Why do you keep coming for me?”

To which failure turns around
And shits in my soup