Not a perfect road (#77)

Steady rotation

An evaporation of stress

Life’s work demolished

Junior year fiction

Anxious diving board

Release your long hair during an all-nighter

Not a perfect road.


Indoor Coastline (#76)

Thirty-one years to unearth such eyes
Worth every misstep
My synapse jungle projector
Calm night-water reflection

Worth every misstep

Free Association (#74)

rehearsing like twisters
through the nectar of wood-chip balloons
grow impactfully
from crumpled future, my palette dangles
she makes her bed
sketching fall distance
luscious silly
the crease of a bookmark
underlines adventure

My Sour Storm (#71)

Sharply stung before my evening block
Chapters fold and shake
My sour storm is wild, free
She poses like an electric feather
Perched on golden stairs
With potential realized
Defenseless ego, my war-torn humble
Lingering ripples shove me off a roof
Unfamiliar concrete
Bleeding, sore
Search for her
Distance kept
While memories leak
From the crack in my head