The Annual Bonfire (#116)

I have a yearly date with futility
Sandbagged by emotions and titles
Goin’ on a decade strong
Ego was frayed by year four
Void, ghost
Stomach cancer caused by epiphany
There is no lesson
There is no path
Chaotic flailing is all we have
Bleak, as the right brain trends
Do not apologize for leaning into shit
For wanting
For trying
Swallow your thousandth knife
Construct a billboard in February
Discover an oasis of resentful water
Stay dry


Cut Through The Good Good (#115)

Write way too fast and for every salvageable moment
Raise a glass to the current heft
Your best and your worst and your winter cough
Settle into a blanket for pasture
Shut the fuck up, we scream
Type blind
For fathers

For past loves
For cosmic marmalade
For trust in parking restrictions

For deep guilt over sandwich orders
For shifting hero worship
For romance, fucking brilliant
Clap back

Having it and losing it
Perversions within nobility
Harvesting a mentor during office hours
Creeping through his brain
I dial empathy to a repetitive degree
The loose show arrives
The cruise collides
Battle ready almost, a destructive opening to this weekend

Chaos collected calmly with the chaotic tent folk
Shit happens and we thrive
Tassles, boots
The best self for nobody
Thriving without accolades
Your mission statement
Your thesis

Your bullshit is spectacular
Your friends ignite
Your love is on board
Fly forward

Pretty frequently

Multi-pager, walls, lip tryouts
Inexperience, chords
Discarding deficit
Reorienting the universe, recalibrating, one more shot
Inferno from perspective
Comets rain down
We stir shit, we love it, we love
A plaza, imperfect weather

I’ll find it within new sound
Savage gulp; animated
Altogether much
I’m blasted with high notes
And grabbed by temptation to rekindle the band
Stalking my shadow
Seeing ourselves in foreign melodies, we bounce
On our own

Bestowed upon a trial
Levity and a sunset
Without damage/crash
Beyond scope
You’re not here and
Altogether, too bright a backdrop
We fall in love
Over and over again


Idiot Bones (#114)

Required strife flurries into my view this morning
So I hunt relief game, feasting on their struggles
I nourish contempt, letting my shitty attitude bob up and down
To get washed out is to be afraid
A slightly less comfortable zone terrifies a creature of habit
Walls made of cactus needles
Closing in on enough tepid strikeouts
My scrappy itch reignites
To lift my idiot bones again feels human
I know I’m lucky
Doesn’t mean I should cash out
Not when I can be uncomfortable again
Symbols are tone deaf
Everything is familiar
Create more mystery and fling my idiot bones at the sun

Dull Brain (#112)

I overcompensate for lack of sharpness with alarming veins
Entirely small, shuddering through
Okayness, in belief I try unassumingly to create
Bring it, wanderer
Stick and muffle, dodge
She spins several park afternoons for us
Lemons split, sharing thoughts about tomorrow

Listless squirrels provide background anarchy
With the comfort of grass, I’ve already transferred
It can be so easy sometimes
To cough up your dread

Elongated (#111)

I am elongated
An unhealthy rat examining itself
A nuclear daydream to devour
Warrant me oh father, corrupted weight, pain not endured
Carry each stem until you uncover
Switches or codes or fields

I am languish
Buttery wild foxes with tense crests

Lacking your impulse this blackout crawl denounces
Two faiths
Several chapters
Where fabric annihilates the inventory
Memories sound
Deciders on boardwalks
Scratching their umpteenth episode