Multi-Tiered Isometric (#70)

Machination state demands less fasting
How irrelevant are your visitation rights?
I know a memory
This decal sings burden offset

Neon grid airwaves
Blessed and old


Sixty-Nine (#69)

Ached yin to my yang
Where energy is exchanged
Our orbit of sex

Effort (#67)

There needs to be effort
For reward
Aristotle is right, so I hate him
Thunderbirds and raptors carve the plum sky
Energy drips through obstacles of terror

Let loose effort
Murder for modern passion
Check previous chapters
For typos and non-typos

Lust balance, string lights on isometric
Digital scenery
Analog doubt
Muddle forth and practice your toss
Before most, she means the most.

Shell of Infinity (#65)

I split the universe
into all possibilities at once
Crushing weight; synthetic pressure
When we walk, a perimeter achieves apex saturation
A little boy’s perspective
Department store labyrinth
Wide awake with stunning prisms
Upside down jade
The win

I just want the win.


Disney Adventures (#64)

Disney Adventures was the greatest magazine of all time
It spoke to me
It covered everything I cared about
It taught me how to read
Kudos I say
Kudos to the team involved with molding my early mind
Kudos to Nickelodeon
Kudos to Marc Summers
Kudos to the Aggro Crag
Kudos to Ghostwriter
Kudos to Beast Wars
Kudos to Megazord
Kudos to Kill The Pigeon
Kudos to The Gulley
Kudos to free samples of ice cream at McDonald’s
Kudos to the butt seat
Kudos to your friends for life