mattress headphones (#113)

i fell in love with
the horrifically bad song
on a great album


Dull Brain (#112)

I overcompensate for lack of sharpness with alarming veins
Entirely small, shuddering through
Okayness, in belief I try unassumingly to create
Bring it, wanderer
Stick and muffle, dodge
She spins several park afternoons for us
Lemons split, sharing thoughts about tomorrow

Listless squirrels provide background anarchy
With the comfort of grass, I’ve already transferred
It can be so easy sometimes
To cough up your dread

Elongated (#111)

I am elongated
An unhealthy rat examining itself
A nuclear daydream to devour
Warrant me oh father, corrupted weight, pain not endured
Carry each stem until you uncover
Switches or codes or fields

I am languish
Buttery wild foxes with tense crests

Lacking your impulse this blackout crawl denounces
Two faiths
Several chapters
Where fabric annihilates the inventory
Memories sound
Deciders on boardwalks
Scratching their umpteenth episode

An Exchange Over Your Creation (#109)

Why did this one stick?
I inadvertently learned?
As dials collect dust, unreachable
Bless and cobble
Little taps along your path
We enjoy effortful transition

Technically a timeline has course corrected
Thousand thoughts adorning flame
Inherited tones
Rooms afar
Clutching weird anger over better instinct
Thin metal smacks the jagged acceptance

Meanwhile, cosmic explored by enveloping ambiance
Of course
Still discovering me
Primal dopery
I don’t take myself personally

Deadlines (#108)

Bonding with strangers in an aisle
Uninhibited space
Reconnect friends, adore
Deadlines are keys to accomplishment
Want, don’t need
Unplug career
Battle your diet, your deadline
See yourself in others
Fifth gear towards uncertainty
Glass unveils
The upside-down electric cold

Bear Family (#107)

The hands that feed, bitten ultimately
Proactively with rhythms of night air bounce
Cool polka dots, ginger and free
Unwinning in the present

You’ll find treasure, i know it
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