Shell of Infinity (#65)

I split the universe
into all possibilities at once
Crushing weight; synthetic pressure
When we walk, a perimeter achieves apex saturation
A little boy’s perspective
Department store labyrinth
Wide awake with stunning prisms
Upside down jade
The win

I just want the win.


Disney Adventures (#64)

Disney Adventures was the greatest magazine of all time
It spoke to me
It covered everything I cared about
It taught me how to read
Kudos I say
Kudos to the team involved with molding my early mind
Kudos to Nickelodeon
Kudos to Marc Summers
Kudos to the Aggro Crag
Kudos to Ghostwriter
Kudos to Beast Wars
Kudos to Megazord
Kudos to Kill The Pigeon
Kudos to The Gulley
Kudos to free samples of ice cream at McDonald’s
Kudos to the butt seat
Kudos to your friends for life


Barbara Mandrell Adorns Harrah’s (#63)

Enter this dark city
With ivory pillars and earth carpet
A lobby to choices
Pastrami, sweetheart, regrets
Let’s learn about rock’n’roll from a banister
Tivoli Pier sneaks in here
best friends, daydream, backflip performance, nearby lounge
Arcade daycare
Direct boardwalk entrance
Parental love
and of course
real love
first love
blonde hair
stunning sequins
Barbara Mandrell

Forest Revision (#62)

Deep in it
Lightning bolt negative
I love her
Blissful jaded idiot
On a moonrise, I order witbier
with wurst
love, stupid liking
Too personal on a Monday night
Give us this cabin
O.M.G. uninhibited
Give me three more, Reiman
Middle School
Dance with the forward-thinkers
Muddle with their impulse
Plastic jacket remains blissfully unaware
Hello, universe
Connected again on transcendence
Holy shit
Can’t be clever here
Only honest
I love
I love deeply and passionately
I stir & falter
I appreciate & recall
Intermission daunts
Lust for clarity inside a puzzle
Paint that puzzle
Stubborn oaf
You don’t get to be that stupid in front of my stubbornness
Deceptively stunning backdrop,
It’s your job now
take from glory gift
move to slimy progress
all in a day’s work
black & white dragonzord
train lot vegetables
innocent almost
wait for confident appreciation
card game rules
tone meander quest
Own reality
Own reality
Charlie’s swimmies timeline-tether wade-pool memory
Plastic sepia
Sun of my youth

Burns (#61)

It burns like a secret
Surging commute to there
and back
Taboo inferno
Buys guilt-free madness
Flying off handle
Home stretch, tense
Here — stay
Chipping rush of eternal wry

Lightning Rod (#61)

I am a lightning rod for your hate today
You never apologize
Interpret life
With a win-loss record

Don’t get me wrong
I take advantage of you as well
Just wonder if you’ve noticed
The underlying ick

Moon Photos (#60)

Your night pauses to catch its breath
Spectacular beams of concentric elegance
Electrifying sky with belief in infinite

Take out your phone
Open the camera
Desire capsule of connection

City candle flutters
Cascading along her onyx panorama
She sings translucent hymns for socializing ants

Snap a pic
Review immediately
Nostalgia for the present

She blurs like fuzz
Her shape is small and hard to identify
She doesn’t look like anything really

It’s damn tough to photograph the moon