Failure (#78)

I failed
I failed again
Years collecting tools
Still tornado like a novice
Still hold back

Failure defeated me
I respond
Not by rationalization
Nor deflection
I sit in dense mud

I face failure
We converse
Exhausted, I ask
“Why do you keep coming for me?”

To which failure turns around
And shits in my soup


Not a perfect road (#77)

Steady rotation

An evaporation of stress

Life’s work demolished

Junior year fiction

Anxious diving board

Release your long hair during an all-nighter

Not a perfect road.

Free Association (#74)

rehearsing like twisters
through the nectar of wood-chip balloons
grow impactfully
from crumpled future, my palette dangles
she makes her bed
sketching fall distance
luscious silly
the crease of a bookmark
underlines adventure