historical inertia (#104)

caffeine approaches the landing of a stairwell
where memory contracts and expands
choking my heart and eating my mind


Margins (#103)

my vision and its margins
playground for hallucination

Unshowered (#101)

I’m unshowered in the expectation of 90’s apparel
A transparent baggy
Wanderer of coat racks, daydream the cool rebuttal
Rehearse springy scenes with crushes
Lament rewrites with best friends
Adolescent royalty you become
In the high stakes nightlife of a shopping mall

The Possible Present (#100)

When one atomizes space around, the chamber readies
To inherit haste plus force
With mundanity and catch up mechanisms
From idle root, stick of dynamite on a stem
Force and haste and puppy dog tails
Botched encounters, alarms
Nowhere and all where, everywhere
Smooches and embraces and lifetimes collide
In near altitude right above
Drenching a maze of platforms and dead ends
You are in it
You are then and now and believing
Little worn, little safe, ever a proud dimensional choice
Let this compromise be formed without influence
Dawn, birth
Strength in jade, dig in, hold the line
Life is too short for instruction manuals

Carousel-of-Importance (#99)

Weeeeee a futility
The most strength arrives in a mannequin
Altogether now
Be unafraid for sapiens’ oceans
Dip towards: Dip out
Rough ’em up a lil

Dog-dayed in a music video, with chasm, with set dressing
It’s very believeable.. on all fronts
Shove your expectation away from me
Kiss off reflection on my nostalgic boat cruise through the galactic free waves
jelly cosmic, umami vision

teenage mutant all the way down

golden chickens errant version of learning every system, shit parkour
dipping through jangly lawns, okay? I abide by rules–OKAY??